We are sad summer is over.  No more warm water, no more bikiniswoman_surfer.jpg and trunks, no more crystal clear tubes in the hot summer sun.

But before we get to the large waves, cold water, freezing cold wetsuits, and snow bird days with four feet of powder, we get the months of October and November.wave_rc08805.jpg

wave_rc00097.jpgYou can always feel the change in the air, slightly cooler, even on the warm days.  The Santa Ana winds start to blow giving terrific waves from mixed North and South swells.  The mountains start to get a dusting of new snow.  The days are shorter, but still enough light to have a long day.  The wind changes from the consistent thermals to the sweeping cool wind from the Santa Barbara Channel.Santa Ana Winds

We also still get the last waves created by summer sand before the large winter swells wash the beaches out.

WinterIndeed, this time of year is special.  Will we have a good winter?  Will we get large clean swells?  Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, we will be out there capturing the elements as they happen.

See you out there!  Team Tidalstock