Any good photographer will tell you composition is one of the most important elements in shooting a good photo.  While there are hundreds of ways to improve composition, there is one simple tip you can try to get entirely different results every time you shoot a photo. 

Tip: Find a different angle when considering composition.
Lets be honest, most pictures you see from friends and family are shot from eye level since that is the quickest way to take a photo.  Your vantage point should suit you subject and that is not always 5 to 6 feet.  Another thing to remember is that most subjects are viewed by people standing and a photo at the same level provides very little change from what someone normally sees. 
Providing different angles and perspectives gives your photo something new for the viewer to look at.  It can add detail to a photo as well as eliminate distractions in certain photos.  A small change in perspective can have a large impact on how the subject is presented and in many cases improve the composition of your photo.
Here is something you can try to help you learn perspectives.  Shoot from at least three different perspectives to see how your image composition changes.  One high, one low, and one normal height.  As you start to learn the differences, you will begin to identify better perspectives for various subjects.
Angle 1
 angle2 copy
 Angle 2
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