Artist’s Statemen
“My photos express my deepest belief that there is art in every living moment even those that appear prosaic or mundane. I never cease to be amazed by the honesty of the human spirit, spontaneous moments balanced by a quiet affinity and the profundity to be found in even the most fleeting, everyday occurrence. To me, it is all iconic and extraordinary, worth capturing and immortalizing.”
Artist’s Biograph
Tracey Tomtene has grown up and lived in various parts of Western Canada and also made temporary homes abroad in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Although she studied Business in university, all of her electives were filled with Fine Arts. It was not until she took a black and white darkroom photography course that her predestined craft would reveal itself. That was six years ago. Ever since, she has honed her techniques through the course of her travels using both traditional and digital photography equipment. Her and her camera have travelled far from home to the south east of Asia, Hawaii, New York, all the way back to her father’s farm in Birch Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada. She currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.